Let's Build a Strategy For You

Business Retirement Planning

Business owners and managers understand the value of a strong retirement plan to help attract and retain quality employees. I will commit to deliver a custom fiduciary strategy to help guide you as the plan sponsor. Engaging with you, we will determine your plan objectives and ensure they are tailored to best fit the needs of plan participants and their beneficiaries.

Financial Services in DuBois, Pennsylvania

The Retirement Plan Fiduciary Process

In order to help you fulfill your fiduciary responsibilities, the following services will be delivered:

Due Diligence & Oversight

  • Integrate my Fiduciary Advisory Services with any service provider or investment platform.
  • Maintain complete independence from other providers to ensure my benchmarking process is objective and free from incentives to recommend unnecessary changes.
  • Manage a Request for Proposal process if one of your plan providers needs to be replaced.


Plan-Level Investment Advisory Services

  • Work with you to create an investment policy statement that takes into account your unique needs and objectives. 
  • Deliver an unbiased and prudent investment due diligence process in accordance with the investment policy statement.
  • Utilize a fee or commission-based approach in the best interest of the Plan, participants, and their beneficiaries, driven by a focus on the fiduciary process.


Participant-Level Services

  • Provide objective and unbiased investment advisory and investment education services to plan participants. 
  • Assist participants with determining their “retirement readiness”.
  • Provide comprehensive financial assistance for every stage of the participant’s lifecycle.