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Do you need to hire a financial advisor? Or Do It Yourself?

The “Do It Yourself” approach is more popular than ever. Should you go solo with your wealth management?

In this video Bob Javens, Independent Financial Advisor, gives his advice on individuals trading in the stock market or managing their own wealth.

Video: Do you need to hire a financial advisor? Or do it yourself?

What If You Like Do It Yourself Trading?

Trading is a hobby for some people. Before I got into this business it was a hobby for me to study the stock market. I enjoyed doing that. Some people want to do it themselves.

To people that like to do that, I suggest you keep a small amount of money to continue it. Because that is what you enjoy doing. The amount depends on how much assets you have.

To accomplish your long-term goals, you need a financial advisor like you need a doctor when you’re sick. You don’t know all the ins and outs. You don’t have all the answers. It’s your money so you’re very emotional about it.

When things go down, you want to hurry up and sell. When things go up you want to hurry up and buy. The up has already happened.

That’s what I do. I help people manage their emotions about their money. This way they don’t make bad decisions when it comes to their financials.

We stay focused on the long-term goal, not what is happening today.

Every financial advisor puts their own touch on things. They do things a little bit differently.

What does it cost to meet with a financial advisor?

If you are hesitant about meeting a financial advisor, come in and talk to me. There’s no cost to meet with me. I don’t charge by the hour.

There’s no obligation. You don’t sign a contract. You’re not locked in. People remain my clients because they’re happy. They like the way I work with them.


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