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Summer Perspectives Magazine

Perspectives Summer 2022

Summer is here, which means the weather will be perfect for outdoor activities and family togetherness. We’ve pulled together some resources for you to enjoy, hopefully from your hammock. 

While you’re getting outdoor exercise right now, once summer is gone, your fitness goals might head back indoors. “Building Your Ultimate Smart Gym,” takes a look at setting up a workout regimen for the home. When it’s time to relax, kick back and mix yourself a “Perfect Family-Friendly Summer Cocktail.”

In “Backyard Bungalows to Granny Flats,” we look at adding an accessory dwelling unit to your home. You’ll learn what pitfalls to avoid when making this step, as well as a few helpful tips. 

While retirement means many things to many people, it also comes with preconceived notions and outdated ideas. In “Rethinking Retirement,” we’ll take down a number of less-than-helpful myths about the golden years. 

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