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Spring Perspectives Magazine

Perspectives Spring 2022

Blossom by blossom, spring begins. As the earth awakens and sprouts, so we too emerge from the coldness of winter’s embrace, welcoming the imminent return of bluer skies and warmer days.

Spring is a great time to break out your home maintenance checklist. In “A Springtime Checklist For Your Finances and Home,” we’ll explore how to keep your home in tip top shape, along with some tips for annual financial maintenance too. 

Speaking of checking in on your finances, a step-by-step guide found in “Keeping Your Cash Flow Strong,” will give you an opportunity to evaluate your retirement goals both now and in the future.

In “Engaging with Local History,” we’ll look at how you can embark on exciting adventures without leaving your hometown. Finally, whether or not you have a green thumb, “Harvest at Home: Three Ways to Green Up Your Life,” might give you some ideas you’d like to try this season.

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